Sunday, September 2, 2012

Never Disappoints!

Last Tuesday I lost one of the diamond earring my husband had given me for our 10th wedding anniversary. I was a wreck. My husband - not -so-much.  He said he knew I would find it. Since it was the first week of school, I didn't have time to think about it much.  But, every time I would go into the bedroom I would keep hearing "it's over here it's over here." I'd walk over next to my bed kind of look around but that was it - nothing. Funny thing is, as soon as I walked away from the side of my bed I would get that feeling like you get when you disappoint a parent or something - weird. As soon as I walked out of the bedroom I'd loose the feeling. 

Yesterday I was blow drying my hair and I heard this man's voice loudly - "Go look on the floor on your side of the bed." I thought, you know what, this is getting ridiculous... I'm not going to find this diamond earring because its small but if it will make this guy shut up I'll humor him.  So I got on my hands and knees and started looking for this diamond stud. Then I hear, "put on your glasses you're not going to see it." I laughed but did it and looked under the the dust ruffle..nothing. I sat up and said out loud, "there you happy? It's not here."

I leaned back to get up and what punctures the palm of my hand? That's right...the diamond stud. So as I laughed, I thanked who ever it was yelling at me.

This never ceases to amaze me!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time for Reflection

Halloween has just passed and Monday is my grandmother's birthday. She would have been 85 years old on Monday. She passed away in 2005 and these past 6 years have been some of the hardest years emotionally. Her husband, my grandfather moved in with us 2 months after her death so I really haven't had the chance to let it go and mourn. With every passing holiday, season, anniversary and new occasion, I am reminded how much my grandmother would have loved it and how time only makes dealing with her being gone harder for him.

I was extremely close with my grandmother and it is with her that I started on my paranormal quest. Her house was haunted and I stayed there every weekend while I was growing up. She believed in the psychic world through her "premonitions." So I just assumed that when she passed away I would not lose touch with her. I knew she would prove to me that there is absolutely life after death.

Let me just say that I do get visits. They're not as often as I'd like nor are they of the "quality" that I would like. So I guess you can call me a greedy paranormal investigator. Christmas Eve was always the holiday she prepared for our family and now I have inherited the position. I fix the exact meal she always fixed and we do the exact same thing now as we did then. So Christmas Eve is a time I always get a visit. It's usually when I'm in the kitchen cooking. I can feel her presence and sometime smell her perfume, Tigress, which they do not make any more.

So what am I complaining about? Well, I'd sure like her to show up on my voice recorder once in a while (I'll go for once right now). Maybe some anomalies when I take pictures or maybe even just a full blown full body apparition. I'm not picky.

What I'd love to do is have concrete proof for my grandfather so that he can let go. He needs to let her go so she can go and heal and do what's next on her spiritual plate. I miss her and I love her, but I wouldn't want that Karmic mess of holding someone Earth bound.

So as you reflect this fall, which in nature is our preparation for the death of another cycle, think. Are you holding someone back? Are you holding someone captive in this Earth plane? How extraordinary would it be to know that you've let someone go free to do their next job. Don't hold anyone back - you don't need that Karmic dent in your fender!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Messages Through Dreams

How many of us actually get messages from other realms as we sleep? Most of us probably pass the dream off as just that - a dream. But is it really?

Being from a small rural community, when there is a tragedy, the ripple effect is almost debilitating. Last Friday, a car of high school students was struck by a truck as they were on their way to school. The front seat passenger, a 15 year old, was killed instantly. The driver, a senior and brother to the 15 year old, was flown to Shock Trauma, and thankfully was released with relatively minor injuries. The third student, who was in the back seat, suffered a broken femur and has had multiple surgeries since Friday. How does this all connect to the messages in dreams?

Since Friday, it has been hard to focus on anything except the hundreds of grieving people in my small community. Even if you did not know the young men, it is hard not to be effected by the overwhelming feeling in this town. A candle light vigil was held Sunday night only to amp up those overwhelming feelings. From that day, I have had the craziest dreams. Although, I know they are not dreams, but visits, it is just easier to explain them as dreams.

I have been visited three different times from different people. The first night, Friday, I had a visitation from my grandfather who has since passed 7 years ago. I only get visitations from him when I am at my most vulnerable from something going on in my life. This time he was there to tell me that I'm doing a good job supporting kids who need help - not just in the accident, but all kids who I have contact with. That's comforting - but pretty generic. Not that I am complaining, mind you, I LOVE getting visits from my grandfather. It took 6 years before I had one and now I wait for them.

The second visit was one that struck me the most. Throughout my life, whenever there was something major going on in my life, I would get a visit from Jesus. Sunday night I kept having dreams of someone handing me a mirror. I would look into it and I would see horrible scenes. It was really scary. But, one time, I was handed a mirror and I looked in and it was filled with smoke. Slowly, I saw an outline of Jesus. He was holding his hand out toward me. I could feel his healing energy coming through me until it made me feel like I was drunk. At the same time, I heard, "Heal others as I have healed you." For the rest of the night, I searched in the mirror for Jesus to reappear. That was the 2nd visit I had from Jesus that dealt with me looking into a mirror.

The last visit was last night. A former boss, who died last year, came to me to tell me what a wonderful job I was doing in my new role. He went on and on about how he knew I would do well in that position, etc. Then he told me to just always remember the kids - they come first. Nothing else is as important as the kids. And then he was gone.

Who says you don't get advise from the other side while you sleep? The only problem is, I have learned to expect it and get disappointed when it doesn't happen. Moral of the story...expect it and pay attention. It happens more than you think.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sometimes when you visit a magical place it sticks with you for a long time. I visited Glastonbury in June 2008. I have been wanting to go back to that special place since the day I left. Luckily, there is a webcam that allows me to check in every morning as I drink my coffee.

As I sit and watch the quiet Glastonbury Abbey I can remember the feelings I had while I was meditating in that fascinating place. As you sit in the lush grass, you can feel the energy of past monks wandering around the old Abbey. You can feel their servitude to God as energy that is all consuming. It's hard to describe the feeling you get just by sitting there.

When I switch to the webcam that shows the Tor, I get the same energy surge. The Tor looks down over Glastonbury proper and you get the sense of how the entire Somerset Flats were once under water. On the side of the Tor lies the entrance to Fairyland - so the legend has it. I did not believe in such a thing until I went there and experienced the playful energy that inhabits that area.

The entire town is magical. Just walking through Market Place ( High Street ( you the sense that you are at Hogwarts. It is an amazing place!

Until I can return and visit the Chalice Well as well as Gog and Magog, I have to rely on my memories, pictures and the webcams to allow me to travel back to this magical place. There is so much energy that intersects in this very spot. When I was there, I missed my family at home but I was sad to leave this wonderful place. I am ready to go back. If you are on a spiritual journey, this must be one of your spots to stop and contemplate your next phase on your trip. It is well worth it!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Child Ghost

As most of you know I have taken on a new position as a Principal of a rather new school. The land was an old farm and a worker was killed on the premises while the school was being built. This being said, never has there been mention of a child dying near or on the land. But it's a school, right?

Well, I was in a meeting with my leadership team last week. We were very engaged hammering out work that was due. All of a sudden, my chair started vibrating and we ALL heard a little child laughing. It was rather unnerving - even for a big bad ghost hunter. It was like the sounds in the movie Poltergeist - kind of in between two dimensions. A colleague mentioned it sounded like Chuckie running through the room laughing. One of them suggested it was a mouse so we got up and looked. Now, I knew it wasn't a mouse for two reasons. One, I felt it there before it all started, and two, do you know how big that mouse had to be to make my chair vibrate like that? Just saying.

So we knew we wouldn't be able to solve it so back to work we went. Not even 5 minutes passed and it happened again. Talk about distracting! We sat and talked about that for a couple of minutes before being able to get back to work. We never really focused after that. Two of them pulled out their ghost detectors on the iPads and phones and I was constantly trying to hone in on what had just happened.

As much as I try to separate work from "my work," it just seems to keep meshing together all the time. Eventually I am just going to have to admit this is who I am and this is what happens to me. So when can I put on my professional resume...Doctor of Education....sees and talks to ghosts. Oh what a day that will be! Until then, I guess I'll just deal with it and post about it here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the iPad saga continues...

So before I begin this blog there are a few facts you must know. First, my brother is a professional firefighter. He is a captain of an engine. One of my grandfathers is deceased and my sister-in-law's father, George, is deceased. Ok, now the background is set.

After reading my last iPad blog, my sister-in-law and brother download the app for the Droid. Yes, it will even work on the Droid...bad thing for me to find out. My brother has the app running and it is saying some weird non-related words because it is warming up. For hours after the initial warm-up, it says nothing. My brother continues to let it run and as he goes through his living room, it says "grandfather". So now my brother is intrigued because we only have been waiting to hear from Pap for 7 years now! It then says "captain" followed by "engine". Getting a little freaked out, my brother asks, "So who am I really talking to?" What does it answer???? "George".

Coincidence? I think not. The great thing about all of this is not that my sister-in-law's father came through, but that he came though during a time when she really needed to hear from him. They are there and we can communicate with them we just have to listen.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where's the Manual?

Sometimes it's frustrating. I keep getting signs about what I am supposed to do next but there's one thing...."they" keep forgetting to tell me how to accomplish it! So who is the proverbial "they?" My team of posse so-to-speak. Is it rude to ask the spiritual world to be just a little more clear? I mean seriously....I am only human. They can't expect me or anyone else to be able to understand clues like them, right???

There should be a manual....How to Read Your Guides, and Other Celestial Beings. At first, getting signs is kind of new and exciting. Let's play Figure Out the Sign game.I have spent many a lunch hour debating the meaning of signs with my friend, only to be more confused when I was done. I always have heard from my mentors that when "they" are trying to tell you something, "they" are relentless until they get your attention! Well, I believe it. Now "they" have my be more specific.

It's almost like I'm spiritually stupid or something....reallly? publisher even called....duh...write your book already. But honestly, which one? I'm in the middle of 2...fiction and non-fiction. I have a feeling...not a sign...that it is the non-fiction that I am supposed to finish first. But being the whiny human that I am, the fiction is soooo much more fun. But here we go, I keep hearing...."Now Angie, you know that is true, but how many people can you help with your non-fiction book vs. your fiction book?"

So now I'm getting guilt trips from the other side plus they've gone and given me an idea for the follow-up book. No one said this work would be easy. No one said all the answers would be supplied to me even though I am listening! And I guess all the answers all being supplied, I just have to figure out the "HOW" part.

I'm sure everyone who communicates with the spirit realm has gone through this, but I'm to the point now where I'm tired and don't want to figure it out for myself! So now I've realized I am whiny and lazy and need to finish my books. Maybe that is why I felt such the urge to write this blog this morning. Maybe that is why all the animals are leaving me alone with my coffee this morning. I have been given the time to think and figure out the signs. Wow...5 paragraphs later and I figured it out. Maybe this will be my manual.